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Testing Routes With Mocha and Chai

By John on April 15, 2019

Testing Routes with Mocha and Chai While working on a restful api built with express I was trying to find an easy way to test my routes along with my unit tests using chai so I came up with a simple typescript class to fake http requests and responses so that I can verify that the request status and response body are set correctly and figured I’d share it here.

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Communicating Between IOS And React

By John on April 7, 2019

Communicating Between IOS And REACT Every once in a while when writing applications for Iphone you may need to load a component from a web application into a webview and have communication between your ios application and your web app. I ran into this recently when I wanted to reuse an interactive map I wrote for a web application using javascript and react. I found it difficult to find a straightforward tutorial of how to communicate from swift to javascript and then communicate from javascript to swift.

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Video Background For Your ViewController

By John on April 1, 2019

Video Background For Your ViewController I’ve always thought video backgrounds were a cool feature on websites, ever since back in the day when tumblr had a live cam stream of outside their office in NYC as the background for their login screen. I had forgotten how cool it was, however, I was recently reminded by’s cool background on their 5g Page. …Then, I was developing and application for a storage company and was using a picture of their storage yard in grayscale as the background for the login screen and thought it would be really cool to actually have drone flyover footage of the storage yard as the background for the login screen instead.

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Get Vim Bindings In Xcode 9

By John on March 19, 2018

Are you new to XCode and love the increase in productivity that vim bindings provide? Then you will be disappointed to find that Apple has neglected to include vim support in XCode. Now, you might be saying “well I’m sure there is a vim plugin for xcode,” but you would be wrong. In its infinite wisdom, Apple removed third party plugin support as of Xcode 8. Now don’t get too upset.

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